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Fanfic - Persona: On Boss Fights

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Title: On Boss Fights
By: neutraltwin
Disclaimer: Don't own anything.
Rating: PG
Genre and/or Pairing: Yosuke/Chie

"Holy shit. Holy shit holy shit holy shit."

Chie sighed, tapping her fingers on the scuffed table between them. It had been only a few minutes since they'd all parted ways after Chie had gained her Persona and they'd agreed to come back another day. Something about it irked her, looking over at him: he'd done the gentlemanly thing and walked her back to her house, walked her in and passed pleasant conversation with her mom, and accepted the invitation to stay for dinner, but...sheesh!

She was the one who'd just been confronted with all her ugly feelings towards Yukiko, she was the one who'd been knocked cold and watched the transfer student and Yosuke summon giant head monster things to beat up her...creepy yellow hooded thing. Shadow. Whatever. She was the one who'd gained a Persona and now had this weird presence in the back of her head. And Yosuke was the one freaking out? Something felt way too wrong about that.

"Dude, don't bust anything...just calm down, okay?" she said. Yosuke had been right about one thing: getting a Persona left you seriously tired. Her gut was twisting and her mind was all muddled up, but Chie still found her head only staying up with the addition of her elbow against the table. Mom would kill her for bad manners, but she'd deal. She was way too tired to care.

"Calm down?!" Yosuke spluttered, whipping his head back up. He'd been scraping his hands through his hair again, leaving it to stick out at all angles; his eyes were wide and panicked now that Souji had run off back home to his uncle and little cousin. Finally, he was properly freaking out. "Dude, did you see that- that thing that you made? It was freakin' huge!"

"So?" Chie huffed, suddenly feeling rather defensive. Her nails clicked again on top of the table, shifting her feet underneath her. "It's not like you hadn't fought through other things on the way there, right?"

"Chyeah, little cannon fodder things. This was like...the boss. The big, big boss," Yosuke retorted, caught halfway between irritation and panic. "I swear, I thought I was gonna die like, ten different times. It kept slamming me, and I had to keep switching between that healing stuff and casting wind just so Souji wouldn't friggin' die, and..."

The clatter of pots triggered Chie's reflexes- her hand snapped out to grab Yosuke's wrist, hissing in a stage whisper. "Dude, shut up! My parents are gonna hear you! Just...chill out, okay? I'm freaking out enough as it is!"

"What do you expect me to do, just calm down?!" Yosuke hissed right back. Their faces pushed mere inches from each other, riding too high on the wave of panicked aftershock to notice the proximity. "Just be all 'oh hey Chie, guess you nearly freakin' died while I was beating up your Shadow, but don't worry about it! It's cool!' Get real!"

"You're gonna spill the beans!" she retorted, giving his arm a yank of punctuation. "You want my mom to know about all this? She'll-- I don't know what, but I'll probably be stuck in the house for a million years!"

"The hell do you suggest then, damnit?!" Yosuke returned, yanking his arm back. The two tugged slightly closer again. Chie grumbled, her own fear and worry welling up inside of her - she'd been barely holding it together this entire time anyway, with life's continual punching of Yukiko gone, her Shadow flinging all her darkest thoughts in her face, nearly dying to Shadows and watching Yosuke of all people saving her, along with Souji - allowing her instincts to ride high. With an irritated noise, Chie rose, using that iron grip to yank him to his feet. Before the boy could protest, he was all but flung down the hall, stumbling to catch himself just in time before he smacked nose-first into a corner. Yosuke was thoroughly disoriented before they reached Chie's room, yanked roughly inside with the door slammed behind him. He regained his bearings as his butt was planted couchwards, looking back up at her: despite how calm she'd been trying to be, it was obvious from how her hands were planted on her hips that Chie was barely keeping it together too.

"There!" she said, allowing herself to raise her voice just a bit higher. "Now you can freak out without spilling everything about the Shadows, you idiot!"

"I'm sorry, alright?!" Yosuke returned; no amount of light blush painting her face could crack through his shell right now. His nerves were still like ancient guitar strings, ready to snap at any moment from the furious strummings of their argument. "This is way too much to take in! I just-!"

"You just what?" Chie returned, scoffing. The carpet muffled her steps, stomping closer to him, standing over him from his sprawled position on her couch.

"I-I was just...really worried, damnit! Hell with Yukiko, she's safe until tomorrow at least, but you could have died! How the hell could I have explained that, huh?!"

Yosuke had a remarkable ability there: with only three little words, he managed to completely overwhelm her psyche and turn into a funnel for sheer, white-hot rage. Her fists clenched tight, ready to punch if he breathed so much as one more syllable.

"'Hell with Yukiko'?!" she repeated. "That's my best friend you're talking about, Yosuke! What's it gonna be next, hell with me?"

"What? Of course not! Jeez, Chie, I was friggin' fighting for you only a coupla hours ago! You think I'm just screwing around?!"

Yosuke's arms flung out wide, cheeks reddening with equal parts anger and embarrassment. The words were spilling out faster than he could control them, the moment of truth oncoming- it was gone before he could stop himself. "I put my life on the line for you, Chie! That's how much I care for you!"

The tempo they'd been riding on crashed to a halt. The two stared back at one another, Yosuke on the couch and Chie in front of him, eyes slowly widening. Had he seriously just said...? For her? He couldn't seriously mean in that way, was her, after all. She wasn't anything special, but he- wow, he looked terrified. Chie grit her teeth and pushed through the sudden urge to cover her fiercely blushing face and hide and did the first thing that came to mind: sunk down, grabbed him by the front of his shirt, and yanked him close.

"You idiot," she grumbled, and kissed him.

Alarm bells could not have rung harder in Yosuke's head if they'd had special extra-loud speakers, but everything seemed cancelled out for him - and her, by how she was planting herself in his lap, fists still bunched in his shirt - by the rush of blood to their heads as they kissed. It was like nothing they'd experienced before: heated, firm, with a desperate passion underneath it that made him feel as if he was drowning all over again. That thumping fear he'd experienced as he raised his kunai to slice the card against an unimaginable foe - that aching pain that pulsed through her as she watched the two boys battle for nothing more than her dumb, stupid, boyish self - all of it washed away on the sudden, incredible need to be up against one another, touching each other, to be with one another in the most physical sense.

Yosuke's back hit the couch, Chie pressed right up against him, as if she were holding him against his will. Yosuke's hands came up to grip on her hips, holding onto her like a life-vest. The boy couldn't seem to believe how they just kept on kissing: every second seemed like the last, when this suddenly fantastic thing would be broken by her shoving him away and kicking his nads clear to China, and yet the moment persisted. She actually whimpered when he managed to find his way under her jersey, under her shirt, sliding against oddly smooth skin. Chie gave a grind of her hips against him, and Yosuke jolted, but didn't dare to move further.

Their thoughts, for once, were the same: this was good, this felt right, this was something they'd been missing. Yosuke realised in a sudden flash of inspiration as their mouths opened into one another, tongues darting out (with no skill but plenty of enthusiasm) to rub against each other, that all those idle fantasies of Chie weren't just being bored in class. He wanted her in the most carnal sense. And she wanted him just as much: he might be frustrating, infuriating, idiotic, enthusiastic, Yosuke...but he'd always been there for her, and he always put up with her, and he always made amends. And, yes, he'd risked his life for her. If that wasn't a declaration of how much someone meant to you...Chie didn't know what was.

Her legs shifted to settle on each side of him with a sigh, Chie finally releasing his shirt to bury one hand in his hair, the slow grind of her hips finally gaining some sort of rhythm. A terrible fear sat in her stomach that as soon as she stopped, as they stopped, everything would end...they'd pull away and the beautiful moment would be shattered and nothing would ever be the same. Chie sighed again: for her first kiss, it wasn't exactly as she'd imagined, but...well. It'd do, wouldn't it? For someone like her. The fact alone that he was making those gurgling sounds into the kiss every time she ground against something that was getting a lot longer and harder made everything that much better. Her cheeks felt as if they would burn off, at this rate...

And then a rapping sound came from her doorway, and Chie flew backwards at a rate that would have meant her head connecting very painfully with the coffee table if Yosuke's hands hadn't been so busy holding her ass. She turned in the embrace to see her mother standing in the doorway, arms folded, an embarrassingly knowing smile on her face.

"Dinner's ready, Chie," she said, simply, a lot more smug than her mother had ever seemed. "You and your...friend wash up and come have some, okay?"

"O-okay, mom," Chie croaked. Thankfully, her mother took that as all, nodding before turning and disappearing back down the hall.

The way Yosuke went from horrified silence to all-out laughter as she groaned and buried her face in his shirt did not help. It did not help at all.
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