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Fanfic - Persona: Happy Birthday, Miss Amagi

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Title: Happy Birthday, Miss Amagi
By: neutraltwin
Disclaimer: Don't own anything.
Rating: PG
Genre and/or Pairing: Ensemble
Notes: For Yukina

"Alright, Chie, this is important. The fate of the day- no, of the world! - rests on your response. So think really, really hard about this..."

Souji placed a hand on Yosuke's shoulder, gently drawing him back from his imminent danger of getting far too close to Chie's face: and, by extension, her fist and his face. No need to start their secret meeting at Secret Headquarters MK. II - or in other words, the gazebo at the floodplains - with an unnecessary amount of blood. Making a mental note to not sit Yosuke and Chie next to each other again - no matter what Rise might said about their secret love - Souji patted his partner on the shoulder and sat back.

"Fine, fine," Yosuke grumbled, folding his arms tightly against his chest. "But seriously...what the hell are we supposed to get for Yukiko's birthday?"

"That's why you called the meeting? Sheesh, Yosuke...I thought someone had been pushed into the TV again."

"Look, just- whatever, man! What are we supposed to get her?"

"I dunno...shouldn't you all know that?" Chie returned, glancing between the several staring faces all directed at her. She couldn't help a fidget, gripping onto the edge of her chair with both hands. "You're her friends too..."

"Yeah, but you're her best friend, Chie-senpai," Rise interjected. "You know her way better than any of us, so you've gotta have some special insight that we've all been missing!"

"I guess..." came the relenting reply. Now that Rise was mixed up, she might as well spill it: they all knew the idol wouldn't stop until she'd gotten what she wanted. "But there's not much I can tell you guys. Every time her birthday rolls around - since we were big enough to be too old for cakes and clowns, anyways - she's just said the same thing 'Oh, just spending the day with you is enough, Chie. We'll go and do something...' and then she ended up paying anyway, since I'm usually broke."

"Yeah, because I'm not around to mooch off," Yosuke mumbled, tactically low enough so that Chie wouldn't hear. The elbow to his gut may have suggested that plan was less than successful. "Ow! Jeez...but you seriously don't have any ideas?! Our list is looking seriously lame right now..."

For the first time in the conversation, Kanji lifted his head, speaking out clearly. "Books."

As a whole, the team turned to face him. Kanji waved a hand, cheeks going briefly red. "I mean, uh...Amagi-senpai's always talking about books she read when we talk about other stuff, right? 'cause she doesn't watch TV now the Midnight Channel's gone or whatever. Maybe we could, like, get her some books or whatever. There's a lot of that crap in her room down at the inn."

"Yeah, I guess that- wait, what?!" Yosuke spluttered, leaning forward hard enough to nearly slam himself against the table. "When the hell did you go into Yukiko's room?!"

"What? The hell are you all looking at me like th-" Kanji began, until the lightbulb turned on. His eyes went wide, leaning immediately back out of the range of Chie's deadly feet, his senpai already looking at him with death in her eyes...and worse yet, Naoto raising a single eyebrow. "W-wait, it ain't like that! My ma sent me over to deliver some fabric, and she wanted to show me a design for some new stuffed animals for her!"

"Kanji-kun..." Chie said, tersely. "You'd better be serious about that."

"Chie-senpai, I swear..."

"Can we please get back on schedule?" Naoto interrupted, voice betraying a hint of exasperation; Souji noted with mild interest that she seemed somewhat affronted under her calm exterior. "Yukiko-senpai's present will not resolve itself."

"Right," Souji said, raising his hands to calm the masses before it devolved into an all-out yelling match. They got enough of that with Chie and Yosuke. "Books are a start...did you see any specific genres?"

"Uh..." Kanji said, staring upwards, face screwing up in thought. "Lotsa shit with flowery names...The Passion of Wylhelm Manor and stuff. And a few that were like, those history-based manga?"

"Oooh, yeah, Yukiko's always into those. She loves history," Chie said. "Let's get her something to do with that!"

"History and girlporn, huh?" sniggered Yosuke, nudging Souji with his shoulder. "Alright, I got an idea, about something with that island I told you about in Europe, huh? She'd totally be into that."

"Which island was that?" Souji returned. He knew full well, but he also knew the consequences, already backing slightly away closer to Rise. A Galactic Punt was not how he wanted to end the conscious part of his day. "I don't recall."

"You know, dude! Lesbos!"

Chie spluttered, stared, and within seconds the screaming match was on. Souji made his excuses about Nanako's dinnertime, let Yosuke and Chie go on with their arguing - they really were like a married couple, but he wouldn't dare observe that aloud - and slipped away with a very thankful trio of kouhai.

Eventually, they just bought her a cake.
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