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Oh hey, everyone's posting to their LJs. I'll do so too. AM I COOL YET GUYS

bluuuuuhble okay so. WHAT'S UP IN JONESYLAND?!

Well, the first thing most people will have heard of is that my state is in the middle of a fucking flood. My location is fine so far, and I think it might continue to be, since we're right near a creek and it hasn't even come close to hitting the bottom of my (very steep) street. Gonna be tough going getting to work, though, so who knows what's gonna happen there.

Otherwise...things are pretty good! I was in a bit of a funk for a few weeks there: aside from a meal and some family time, we didn't really bother to celebrate Christmas, and I...just dunno. Things are pretty lame for a bit there, in a general sense, and I doubt there's anything I can truly do to change that. So I deal with it! It's been so long since I hit one of those downer periods - might not have been brought up before but I was just in a funk of depression for a good few years in high school - but this one was mercifully short. Just gotta wallow in self-pity sometimes, I guess.

It comes down to positivity, really: no matter how much I try to be realistic/pessimistic/whatever, my outlook on life is just relentlessly positive. Even when I'm bitter and dour and want to just fuck everything and go live in a hole, there's that spark that never goes out that says NO, FUCK IT. THINGS WILL IMPROVE. THINK OF THE THREE STEPS THAT FIX EVERYTHING.

(Which are, by the way: identify problem -> identify solution to problem -> fix problem. Easy!)

So that's that. I felt shitty for awhile, sunk into my valley of bleh, then climbed back out and felt positive again! I do feel like I need to cut a few influences out of my life that really cause me nothing but worry and strife, but...that requires more thinking. I already feel that I've taken a good step paring it down to just one character, though. My resolution to finish the book before the end of February stands firm!!

That's about it when it comes to life right now, really. Working haaard for da moneh -> working not very consistentlyyyy on da novel -> not bothering very muuuuch with da social life. Must get out more, but ugh. Fucking ugh. The worst part about being a grown-up is that working out time to hang out is fucking impossible. As much as I love all you online buddies - and I do, truly, from the bottom of my heart - I defs need to get out there and make new friends.

You know. Once the city stops being flooded.

Might be an idea to get on that.


- life is okay!
- city is flooding but i am okay.
- current mood is BLUHHHHHHHH but i will slap myself in the face and get positive
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