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when planet earth turns slowly

Me: /comes home, gets comfy, heading towards computer whilst planning out LJ post

Me: Today was a good day, I think! Hoor--OHOWOWOW /stubs toe against chair

...pretty much the story of my life right there. BUT IN MORE DETAIL:

♠ Got paid! Apparently I had miscalculated and got $950 this paycheck rather than $500. Go math!
$200 goes straight into savings, $200 to rent, and the rest...

Finally got a new pair of glasses!

/immediately strips off shirt oh my god heeeaaaat. But yeah! Got them fairly cheap, with a new prescription - since apparently I have developed a slight astigmatism in my right eye - and a second pair free! Pictures will be forthcoming of those glasses once I have them in a couple of days.

That was $220 right there, though. Kind of expensive, but I'm glad I got it out of the way! These new ones are stylish, the nose guards aren't totally grody, and they no longer pinch my nose and increase my headaches. I got the call to come collect these new ones not five minutes before I went into the cinema to see...

♠ TANGLED. Oh my god you guys were not kidding, this movie is fantastic. It's wonderful that kid's films like this are just getting more and more accessible to the whole family. Every character was hilarious, and though some bits were predictable - you know, since they happen in every movie by these guys - overall it was wonderful. I was laughing and/or sniffling the whole time.

Which leaves me with about $360 for the fortnight, which should see me through! More work tomorrow night and a week from now, so hnnngh yeahhhhh. Money!

And yeah, I think I mentioned this before, but I went ahead and traded in all of my Xbox games since I was so over the platform...and then went ahead and rented two on the way home, hurr. |D

DRAGON AGE ORIGINS: gdit you guys why is this so good. I kinda waffle since I am lazy when it comes to open-world stuff, but it is...quite fun! I could care less about fightan darkspawn, but hanging out with Alistair and Morrigan could make up the whole game and I so would not care. *^*

PRINCE OF PERSIA: FORGOTTEN SANDS: Hnnnngh this. This is what I want from my next-gen Prince! I have no idea how they got it so wrong with the reboot, but this is an amazing return to form. The Prince is snarky and awesome again, taken from just after Sands of Time, the parkour is wonderful and flows, and the crowd-based combat...I was leery about it, but it's an interesting change! Seeing Prince slay like four sand beasts in one strike is just fucking stylish.

Plus you can hop from head to head in battle on enemies and solidify water in time to swing on it. I guess there's spells but FUCK THAT. Prince only needs his sword. /THUMPS CHEST

SO. Roleplay!

Generally, I like having Yukiko just poking around, since she comes to me so very naturally. But the masochist within me who apparently never wants my novel finished ever - 73,000 words you guys!! - just desires someone else. SO LET'S DO A LIST.

There are just possibles but GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS?!

Karkat Vantas (Homestuck)
Prince of Persia (reapp)
Link (Legend of Zelda: OoT probably?! Maybe TP)

...and that's about it. lmfao my list is so small but I just. Need a bro. Sob.

but it's still so fucking hot uuuugh
someone make it be autumn already

also new homestuck icons in my account :>

...oh right one more thing. Strega!Yukari fic on the P3 meme! You all need to read this and comment right fucking now. I-if only so maybe, dreams of Yukari/Jin can come true. *^*
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